ANKOS President

Dear all,

We are proud to organize the 6th ANKOSLink International Conference, which has now become a trademark event and leads ANKOS’ many other successful activities.

ANKOSLink, the biggest librarianship convention of our country and the region with over 500 participants and around 60 firms, has created a setting that brings together not only university librarians but all of our associations, departments, public librarians, librarianship students, and librarians from abroad, richened with an exhibition ground and academic programme.

In 2018, ANKOSLink International Conference will be held at Antalya Maritim Congress Center between April 17 and April 20. The theme of this year’s conference has been set as “Gateway to Research: Libraries.” In today’s world in which universities are in an ever increasing competition, research results, research data, open science and the roles of libraries in these areas are subjects that we all aspire to learn more. Accordingly, during these three days, we will listen to subject specialists, and increase our awareness on the new paths that we are facing, with the intention to expand our services beyond our library buildings, and change our administrators’ perception of libraries.

Like previous years, you will also have plenty of opportunities to know more about publishers’ products and new applications.

I would also like to inform you that the poster session, which attracted great attention last year, will take place as part of ANKOSLink 2018, too. I am also happy to let you know that ANKOS will support our member institutions through 6 Accommodation Grants in ANKOSLink’s 6th year anniversary.

As I eagerly wait for next April, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude, firstly to ANKOS Board Members, and then to all ANKOS volunteers and partners, for their efforts in the realization of ANKOSLink 2018.

With wishes to see you all at ANKOSLink 2018 Conference, and best regards.

Tuba Akbaytürk Çanak
ANKOS President

Tüm Haberler