Conference Hashtag #ANKOSLink2018

Poster Presentations

Poster Sunumu"Poster Sessions" will continue to be held at ANKOSLink this year in order to increase the professional and scientific interaction among ANKOS member institutions.
Accepted posters will be exhibited throughout the conference and will be presented as lightning talks. “The Best Poster” will be selected by the Program Committee.
A certificate of appreciation will be given to all poster holders whose posters have been found worthy for exhibition.

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ANKOSLink 2018 Poster Presentation Rules


- Posters should be prepared in accordance with the theme of ANKOSLINK 2018 International Conference and with the activities of ANKOS. Possible subjects would be Research Information Systems, Research Data Management, Open Science, Bibliometrics, E-resources, Resource Sharing, Good Applications of e-Learning Tools, Information Literacy Trainings, Consortium Models, Academic Libraries, etc.
- The poster should include the name of the work, names, titles and affiliation of the author/authors, purpose of the study, methodology, results, and evaluation sections.
- Posters can be prepared in Turkish or English, in any template. ANKOSLink 2018 Conference web page includes sample poster templates to give some ideas.
- Posters must be prepared in one piece, 70 x 100 cm in size.
- Posters should be sent to e-mail address in .jpg or .pdf format for evaluation until 1 March 2018.
- Poster applications will be evaluated by the ANKOSLink2018 Program Committee.
- Posters that are eligible to be exhibited will be determined by 12 March 2018, and announcements will be made.
- The posters that are eligible to be exhibited will be posted on the numbered boards starting from 12:00 on April 17, 2018. The organizers will help poster holders to hang their posters.
- A "Poster Session" will be organized for the exhibited posters and poster owners will present their poster at this session.
- “The Best Poster” will be awarded, and a certificate of apprecition will be given to the other participants.
- Participants who will present a poster are expected to meet their ANKOSLINK accommodation and transportation expenses themselves.
- Making the poster ready before the  opening of the exhibition is at the poster owner’s discretion.


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