ANKOS PresidentWelcome! 

My dear colleagues, invaluable partners and friends of information world, to begin with, I greet you with great respect!

Since 2001 ANKOS has been organizing national and international meetings with the attendance of librarians, researchers, students, information professionals, academicians, archivists and other parties active in the profession. Annual ANKOS meetings have named ANKOSlink since 2013 transforming itself from local into a regional entity. In 2015 ANKOSLink2015 Conference under the theme of “Mobile Future: Libraries and Resources” took place with more than 520 participants, which has realized a 14% growth of interest in attendance compared to the previous year.  



Today, the future of libraries is discussed more often in parallel with the technological developments that have been gaining momentum in the past few years depending on the information ecosystems. As Niccolò Machiavelli noted, “one change always leaves the way open for the establishment of others,” the future will be shaped by libraries’ decisions to resist to the change, adopt the change or give directions to the change. In other words, in the information ecosystem librarians should update their policies on space use, budget, human resources, users, collection, up-to-date technologies and develop proactive approaches to their new roles such as scholarly communication librarianship, bibliometrics, and data management.   

In this connection, the theme of ANKOSLink2016 International Conference which will take place in Antalya at the Convention Center of Kremlin Palace on  7-9 April 2016 has been set as “Repositioning the Libraries.” A rich program that covers topics in a wide range such as e-resources and management, identifying library space, use of technology, new roles of librarians awaits you all.    

As in the past years, we hope ANKOSLink2016 Conference will be productive with the support and the participation of invited speakers, librarians, researchers, students, information professionals, academicians, archivists and companies that are active in this field.  
Wishing a productive conference to all attendees, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the parties and stakeholders, in particular to the Steering Committee that I am honored to work with, that have put their invaluable efforts in the organization of this event. 
As thanking you for your attendance and support in the previous years’ ANKOSLink meetings, it will also be my pleasure to invite you to ANKOSLink2016 Conference this year. 

I hope to see you all at the ANKOSLink2016 Conference…

Sincerely yours,

ANKOS President

Tüm Haberler