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My dear colleagues, invaluable partners and friends of information world, to begin with, I greet you with great respect!

Adopting a new and innovative vision in 2013 with “from local to regional” motto, we are now realizing the Third ANKOSLink Conference.

Annual ANKOS meetings that were hosted by universities from 2001 to 2012 have been started to be held with a renewed dimension and content starting 2013 under the title, ANKOSLink. ANKOS’ regional meetings, workshops, training seminars and other activities will continue as it was before; yet, ANKOSLink conferences are the most extensive and comprehensive in content among all other events. ANKOSLink 2013 - 2014 Conferences that have been organized with great courage and enthusiasm reached to the number of 1050 participants. More than 100 presentations, panels, seminars, workshops, company meetings and training sessions took place at the ANKOSLink conferences.

Based on the questionnaires collected from our participants following the each conference in the previous years, we gathered invaluable information to make many improvements for the good of the upcoming year. As a result, ANKOSLink has gained a “regional” conference entity.

When we look at the point where the information storage devices have come in the recent years, we can say that information tends to be deposited in smaller storages, and in parallel to this development, information access has been made more and more through mobile devices. Regarding library users, we deal with a new generation that uses emerging and mobile technologies more extensively. In response to these changing factors, it is indispensable to adopt new perspectives and reorganize existing approaches to library services and resources as well as workflows to meet changing demands of library users. In this respect, the main theme of ANKOSLink 2015 Conference has been set as “Mobilize the libraries, Mobilize the resources”. We will have a rich content with a number of relevant topics that range from management of electronic resources to data mining, from cloud computing technologies to mobile library services and academic libraries of the future. Along with ANKOS Working Group presentations, we will also discuss performance budgeting and digital archiving that are hot topics for academic libraries. Additionally, ANKOSLink will be a great opportunity for the participants to get detailed information about products and services of partner publishers and companies, address questions and make suggestions.

ANKOSLink2015 Conference will be extremely productive with the participation of guest speakers, librarians, researchers, students, information professionals, archivists and companies that are actively engaged in the field of information technologies and services.

I thank you for your participation and contribution to the previously held ANKOSLink meetings and it will be my great pleasure to invite you to the ANKOSLink 2015 Conference.

I hope to see you all at the upcoming ANKOSLink 2015 Conference.


ANKOS President







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